Learning Modules

Each module is a recorded presentation that takes 30-60 minutes to play. Attachments, scripts, and supplementary material can be found associated with each module. 

Module Tests

Module tests are provided for you to practice what you have learned.  You will have 20 minutes to complete the random selection of questions with multiple-choice answers. The required recommended pass rate for the module tests is 80%. You can re­‐take the Module Test as many times as you wish, but not more than once in any 24-­hour period. The system will always keep your highest score; even if you take the test again and score lower, the only score kept is the highest one.

Message Board

Each module has a Message Board. Postings on these Message Boards should be specific to the subject of the Module. There is also a General Message Board available for your general postings. Submissions to the General Message Board should be more general in nature ­‐ for example, about an issue or practice or case study that spans the entire program or several modules. You are required to post five (5) messages on any Module or General Message Board to be certified. Messages may include examples of best practices, examples of poor practices you have observed / from which we should learn, barriers or challenges to implementing best practices in your company or with your suppliers / customers. 

Please note that WorldCC staff reviews all messages, and topics related to the Certification Exam questions are not allowed for discussion on the message board. However, feedback on the Learning Module content and Exam questions is greatly appreciated and should be sent directly to Learning@worldcc.com