Our certification programs are key to demonstrating best-in-class competency and qualification. Members who are certified in Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) must earn CPD points to maintain their WorldCC certification. A WorldCC CCM or SRM certification must be renewed every two years, regardless of level.

To maintain your certification, you must remain an active WorldCC paid member and have completed the equivalent of 40 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over the prior two-year certification period. CPD is a self-managed honor process. These 40 CPD points must include 4 ESG/Ethics related CPD points. 

CPD points are entered and maintained through your Learning Tracker.

Note: 1 CPD point per each hour of lecture/instruction/seminar/webinar/related reading you have undertaken, excluding networking time at physical events.

This can be achieved through a variety of activities, primary examples being:

  • WorldCC training programs
  • WorldCC summits & events 
  • WorldCC member meetings
  • Ask the Expert sessions or webinars
  • Relevant training or events that have direct value to personal development and the field of contract and commercial management from other organizations
  • Related LinkedIn articles, resources sent by line manager, internal research and market reports etc.

*Please note: Only those WorldCC events attended live will be added automatically to your learning tracker. You must track that manually if you receive the recording and watch it later.

Contributions to the professional community:

  • Research conducted
  • Articles written
  • Training programs developed
  • Professional mentoring

In the event your certification has lapsed for more than a two-year period and you do not have the required 40 CPD points, please contact us at learning@worldcc.com for consideration to reactivate your certification. This requires a statement from you regarding your continued activities in Contract and Commercial Management during the lapse, along with your general compliance and confirmation that, going forward, you will adhere to WorldCC’s requirements for certification renewal.

For more information, please visit: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (worldcc.com)